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living life as is

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13 May
Born in Flagstaff, AZ, I lived there for 25 years. I worked in Grand Canyon for 9 years as a commercial river guide until 2004. Then I changed lanes and stayed off the water for a year and worked at PRO, packing food for private river trips. 2005 took me to northwest Colorado to work as a Park Ranger at Dinosaur National Monument, a little known place of beauty and awesome country. I worked on the rivers there,the Green and the Yampa, working tamarisk control with volunteer groups. On my days off I worked as a wildland firefighter, some of the best fun I've had ever. Two seasons there, then an abrupt move to the other end of the spectrum: San Francisco. My husband works as a law enforcement Park Ranger at Golden Gate National Rec. Area. Stayed in San Fran for a year and a half, and moved back to the other end of the spectrum in the TX Panhandle, still working with the NPS.